Product Details:

  • You must have the product in stock in order to list the product for sale on The Make Shop! No pre-orders
  • Select the appropriate category that exactly matches the product you are selling.
  • Provide clear, honest, and accurate description of the product.
  • Provide reasonable prices to ensure successful sale on The Make Shop!
  • Always sell authentic products and brands, no replica products.

No Fakes Policy:

Before listing your product, sellers should make sure that the item they are listing is authentic. If a fake product is discovered listed on The Make Shop, the product will be removed and the seller will be subject to being permanently banned from selling on The Make Shop. Sellers must have full knowledge of the product they list on The Make Shop. If sellers are not sure about an items authenticity, then do not list it until certain.

Product Title Restrictions:

  • Product titles should be clear to the buyer
  • Do not write unclear titles, i.e. “Eyeshadow”. Be specific, e.g. “Gingerbread Extra Spicy Eyeshadow Palette”
  • Do not make an offer or promotional statement in the product title.

Product Description Restrictions

  • Do not provide your contact information in product descriptions.
  • Do not provide product descriptions that don't exactly match the specific product you list.
  • Do not provide Link's and URL's in product descriptions.
  • Specify the best features of the product that make strong selling points.

Image Restrictions:

  • Image size no less than 300x300. 
  • Do not provide images that do not clearly show the product listed for sale.
  • Do not provide images with background color. Clear backgrounds only.
  • Do not provide images with watermarks or logos.
  • Don’t provide images with product code. 
  • Do not display the wrong image for a specific brand. 

Contact Information Policy:

  • Seller contact info is not allowed on The Makeup Shop (e.g. phone number, home or business address, E-mail, social network accounts) neither in product description or anywhere on The Makeup Shop. Providing such contacts is strictly prohibited and will breach our User Agreement.
  • Do not put your contact details in the order package

Links and URL's Policy:

Links and URL's are not allowed anywhere in your listing on The Makeup Shop

Pricing Policy:

Price is the most important factor for buyers. Review similar products sold on The Makeup Shop in order to know what the average selling price is for a specific product to help you properly price your product. Pricing should be dictated by the The Makeup Shop marketplace price ranges and not necessarily at your preferred selling price. Competitive pricing leads to increased sales.

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