Algotherm Clarifying Night Cream
This onctuous and nourishing cream improves skin appearance and skin elasticity. It eliminates dark spots, redness and signs of fatigue. It repairs daily skin damage by renewing the epidermisas you sleep.DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED – HYPOALLERGENIC – NON-COMEDOGENIC PARABEN FREE – PHENOXYETHANOL...
720 EGP
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Night Complex Cream Beesline 50ml
Made in Lebanon A natural youth-preserving formula that works overnight to relax facial features, smooth out wrinkles, hydrate & lift the skin for a well-rested, plump, radiant complexion.
395 EGP 320 EGP
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Pharmaceris T-PEEL 10%
Pharmaceris T-SEBO-ALMOND PEEL 10% 1. Night cream provides a strong 2nd degree exfoliation with 10% mandelic acid. 2. Daily care for acne-prone skin with acne blemishes, with a tendency to develop papules, pustules, and Seborrhea. 3.The special formula lightens irregular post-inflammatory skin...
200 EGP
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Pharmaceris T- Retinol
Pharmaceris T- PureRetinol 0.3 night cream INDICATIONS Daily care night cream for adults in need of an effective treatment that fights acne and wrinkles. For people with skin imperfections, acne, blackheads and excessively oily skin; for oily and mixed skin...
350 EGP
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توبي كريم ميلا كوركتف كريم لليل
كريم فعال لعلاج جميع أنواع البقع الداكنة و تفتيح و توحيد لون البشرة / يستخدم مره واحده ليلا.
399 EGP
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