Serum form to treat dark patches on the skin even of sensitive areas .One pump to applied once or twice daily on face and body sensitive areas.
450 EGP
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Beesline Skin Whitening Serum 30 ml
Made in LebanonA lightweight corrective whitening serum with SPF 30 protection, formulated to hydrate .Smooth fine lines while boosting radiance. Evening skin tone to reveal a flawless complexion.  For all skin types
250 EGP
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Algotherm Nutri Re Source Serum
Reactives the moisturization* process and recreates the protective anti-evaporation film that keeps water in the skin. It provides the skin with essential nutrients. DERMATOLOGICALLY AND OPHTHALMOLOGICALLY TESTED – HYPOALLERGENIC – PARABEN FREE – PHENOXYETHANOL FREE* Moisturizes the upper layers of...
580 EGP
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Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse boost - Energising priming concentrate
Energising primer lotion. All skin types. Contains 97 % natural origin ingredients, Inspired by Korean cosmetics, this liquid primer lotion with an anti-oxidant complex containing Jasmine flower, Vitamin C and natural origin Hyaluronic acid. Refreshes, replumps and reveals the skin's...
650 EGP 550 EGP
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Vichy Liftactiv 15% Vitamin C Serum
Vitamin C antioxidant skin-cure to fights signs of aging & fatigue in 10 days.10 ml
600 EGP 540 EGP
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OZnaturals Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum
A Hydrating Serum That Also Works To Rejuvenate And Protect Skin Cells, Leaving The Skin Soft And Plump. In The Long Term, It Repairs The Skin From Sun Damage. Ideal For All Skin Types: Normal, Dry, Oily, Aging And Combination...
600 EGP
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An antioxidant serum with a wide range of benefits: helps to reduce redness and swelling, aids in repair of collagen, and improves the appearance of dark spots, uneven skin tone, and fine lines and wrinkles.  How To Use Step One • After...
600 EGP 500 EGP
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Pharmaceris A- Duo Concentrate With Vit. A & E
PHARMACERIS A- DUO CONCENTRATEWITH VIT. A & EA & E - SENSILIXINDICATIONS 1. Recommended for allergic and sensitive skin which, as a result of physiological ageing, becomes thinned, fragile and rough with age and while exposed to environmental factors. 2....
340 EGP
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Kolagra Vitamin C Serum
Kolagra Skin Serum Vitamin C 10% With Hyalourinic Acid , Vitamin E And Collagen For Young Female Suffering From Exhaustion Dryness Loss Of Elasticity In Skin Packed In Pumb To Maximize Shelf Life And Prevent Oxidation Of Vitamin C Can...
249 EGP
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Kolagra Gold Serum
349 EGP 262 EGP
Kolagra Gold Serum
Kolagra Gold 24 Kerat Slices With Immediate Glowing Effect And Very Smooth Due To Gold And Caviar Extract Which Make Skin Look Younger From 5 To 10 Years Kolagra Gold Help Cell To Function And Get Rid Off Wast Product
349 EGP 262 EGP
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ميلاتكس سيروم فيتامين سي
سيرم فعال كمضاد للاكسده للحمايه من التجاعيد مع توحيد لون البشره C10+A+Eبالقوه الثلاثيه لفيتامين
199 EGP
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اورانج دايلي سيروم فيتامين سي
مضاد قوى للأكسدة و بالتالى يحمى خلايا البشرة من تأثير العناصر الضارة / 10 % ڤٻتامٻن سى /يحفز إنتاج الكولاچين /يمنع ظهور التجاعيد
499 EGP
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ميديتوبيك هايفيل سيروم ٥٠ مل
سيروم علاجي فريد بتكنولوجيا متطورة لملئ الخطوط الثابتة والتجاعيد وشد قوام البشرة وامتلائها مناسب للبشرة ومحيط العين
695 EGP
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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
Helps With Oil Control, Congestion And Uneven Skin Tone.
550 EGP 450 EGP
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توبي كريم الترا سيروم
سيرم مناسب للبشره الحساسه وشديده الحساسيه ترطيب لمدة 24 ساعه يعيد نضارة البشره
349 EGP
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